Stainless Steel Shaft Repair

Repair of stainless steel auger on Okuma LS lathe. Bearing diameters sleeved and re-machined to .0004″ tolerance for agricultural machine.

1045 Precision Shaft Machining

Precision ground SAE 1045 machined joiner shafts for a local customer. Cross drilled 90° for mounting. Machined in-house using Okuma lathe, Excello mill and Jones & Shipman universal grinder.

OD & ID Cylindrical Grinding on Jones & Shipman

Regrinding of #40 Taper Spindle on Jones & Shipman Cylindrical Grinding. External face grinding and internal taper grinding to suit big plus holder. Runout within .0001/.0002″ as per customer specification.

Cast Iron Machining on Okuma LS

Machined cast iron pulley turned on Okuma lathe for a local customer. Internal bore held to .001″ with machined grooves and OD. Keyway broached in-house using 50 ton press.

Moore #3 Jig Grinder

We’ve added a Moore #3 Jig Grinder to our equipment and capability. Precision Jig Grinding with 40,000 rpm spindle and 11″ x 24″ table. Contact us for your jig grinding requirements.

New facility / CNC Machining in Mitchell, Ontario

RBL Machinery is excited to announce we are moving into a new facility starting January 1, 2021 in Mitchell, Ontario. With that we are in the process of adding a new 3 Axis CNC Machining Center and 2 Axis Lathe. Stay tuned for more information and pictures of our new facility.


Ram Bull and Lion is a new online site to purchase standard parts and components to be used in industrial machinery, automation, tooling, fixturing, dies and speciality equipment. Stay tuned, as we update our website.

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